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I am doomed
Written at 4:54 AM on Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have a paper today. It's mid-term. And it's 4 in the morning. 
I slept about 4 hours just now. from 9pm until 1am. hehe..
Our paper today is Statistic. Wargh!!!! I know. I KNOW!
I am so not ready. Our paper is on 9.30am. So.. Wish me luck..
I should be studying doing revision for now but I don't know.. 

I just feel like writing and typing right now..

Ever since I enter Gender, Ethnicity and Class class, my point of view 
on the society has slowly changed. 
For instance on heterosexual, homo and bi. 
I've learned that we are not completely pure straight. We are somehow a little homo and bi.
Why? Do you admire someone with the same sex? For example for girls maybe you admire someone like Avril. Get it? (=.=;) okay never mind.
I've also learned that there are no pure race. NO pure Kadazan or pure Chinese or Malay..
Unless you know the history of your great great great great great great grandparents.
I also learned that homo and bi are not their fault that they became like that.
Some are shaped by society and some might be from nature. 
Maybe they are born with it. I know a guy with the name 'X'.
He is a Muslim. we almost debated on this topic but I just let it be.
I don't want any serious arguments occur. He said it's their(the homos)own fault that they became like that.
Based on religious factor it is wrong. 
Of course it is wrong. But if you think outside the box, be open minded, what can you do if they became like that? Maybe it's all in God's hand. Why do you think it happens? God already planned the future for us. and it depends on ourselves to make it happen. Is it? lol.

One day, our lect told us a story about these two gays. This story is true and happened here.

There were this two guys. and they are Muslims. And because they were gay, the people from the Syariah came looking for them. To catch them and bring them to 'rehab'. On rehab, they will brainwash them, forcing them to like girls, like women, don't like men and so on. So these two guys ran and looked for a place to hide.
The people from Syariah were chasing after them in Kuching. In kuching there's this river in the middle of the city where visitors came and so on. The chasing took place on there. They were running and running.. But then, the other guy slipped and fell onto the river and the other one tried to help him but the people of Syariah were close to catching him so he ran and escaped. The other guy were still in the water and calling for help. He can't swim. There were many people there but none of them helped him. And when the people of Syariah came to him, they said 'Jangan tolong. Dia ini memalukan. Binatang! Biarkan dia." So nobody helped him. And he died of drowning.

I know homo's in religious perspective is wrong. But hello people of the underworld yang masih berfikiran sempit, that guy is a human. Have some humanity in you.

Anyways.. Have a nice day.