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Pesta Konvo UniMas
Written at 9:40 AM on Friday, October 21, 2011

Pesta Konvo UNIMAS mmg yg terawesome sngat2!!!
It's the 1st time I've been to a konvo like this.
Konvo is around the corner and already the surroundings are.. fuh.
Selaluny time2 konvo ni, orang akan berpendapat macam..
naik turun pentas dlam dewan ja. But in UniMas.. it's different.
Macam 2 3 hari sblum konvo, ada bnyak aktiviti!!
Such as Citrawarna(traditional dance competition), stalls, funfair and some exhibition.
It was epic. The night before, my friends and I went to funfair.
We went on a ride on the Viking! It's an unforgettable experience and feeling.

The Viking in the picture above it slightly bigger than the one we rode here.
It's really scary!! We sat at the back, so the feeling is much more tense than the front line.
The feeling is like..you're going to fall. When we reached at the top.. I can't open my eyes. 
It's really scary. But it was worth it. haks.
I am confirming that BUNKFACE will come to UniMas this Saturday..
Prove? Here's your prove:

Sya tak dapat byangkn keadaan dewan nnti. 
Mungkin sy sendri tak dapat msuk and tengok konsert dorang. erk.

So many stalls!!! This is just the 1st row..
Ada baaanyaaaakkk lgi di sna2. fuh!!

ini.. aktiviti 88@pantun.
Dorang brpantun for 88 hours!! non stop!
They're aiming to set Malaysia Book of Record.
I think dorang still brpantun skrg. haha Best of Luck to them. ^_^

Sorry for my english. So many erk.. up and downs.
I am on a rush. haha