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let the night sparkle
Written at 2:40 AM on Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yesterday we got our PTPTN!!!
Yep of course.
The thing I'm longing for.. I finally own it.!!
It takes time. patience. If you really want it..it's not impossible.
It is possible. Just wait for the right time.
Like I did. ^_^
So yesterday I went to the city with my friends.
I bought myself a HP Pavilion G4 series laptop.
It's red color of course. ahaha..
well so far so good. It is about RM2,258 including the antivirus.
Pretty pricey huh. I thought so too. T^T

Well here it is..

Sorry for the messy background. My desk is a mess!!
Oh here's how my desktop looks like right now.
I'm luvin' the look.^__^

OK! that's all.. I will now be active on blogger. ^_^
aahh.. How I miss it here..