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let the night sparkle
Shorty short short
Written at 11:12 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello.. This is obviously going to be short.
Anyway, I know my blog looks crap for now. I will try to work on it sooner.
because the internet line here is not okay... hmp!! damn slow!! skype but sik dapat. kmk sik suka tek. ntah mok polah apa sitok. kmk pandey klaka swak udha bha. haha
Tpi bersyukur la dapat online kn? ^_^ 
I am nearly in the stage of stress mode here. Assignments and mid-term.. ahh!!
I don't know how to manage all those stuff. And moreover, I kept on falling asleep.
I always feel sleepy.. argh!! I feel like slapping my face hard and fast. haha XD
Right now I feel sleepy. ahhahaha.. 
This November we have holiday for 1 week. I really really really REALLY want to go back home!!
I'll see what I can do with the money I have now,
I'm thinking of making a surprise comeback?? It'll be cool!! but my money. T^T haha
But I'm not sure yet. Sya bersemangant ni mau pulang skrg. 1 minggu pun berbaloi bha tu.. jangan ja sya xpulang balik uni la. hahaha
Anyway.. That's all for the updates. I still alive. the end.