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happy raya
Written at 8:24 PM on Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a quick simple post and a shout out to all of you..
whether you are celebrating it or not..

Happy Raya everyone.
Be joyful during this festive moment.

Stay safe. ^_^

I probably be at home most of the time.
Awh, wish I can go and crash every houses and ate up all their biscuits and cookies.

This is for my bestie.
Hello. You know who you are. haha
Selamat Hari Raya.
There's so many mistakes I've done to you.
I know we have such a good awesome friendship.
Runs smoothly. You're like my soul mate. T^T
I don't know if I can ever meet such person like you in the future.
For the words I spoke that hurt your feelings, 
I may not realize it sometimes, so now I ask for your forgiveness.
Maaf..Maaf.. Maaf
I'm sorry that this year's Raya, 
we can't hide away kuih raya in class like we always did.
We can't gather around and eat kuih raya together again.
I missed those moments.
Well, I knew this day would come. For us to choose our path of life.
I wish you a bright future and I know you will.
Because I know you are a strong woman? girl? haha
anyway, Happy Raya Azie. ^_^

I wish all of you again a wonderful holiday.
Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow on raya.
I'll pray for you guys. ^_^