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Tiang yang panjang a.k.a A long Post
Written at 11:46 PM on Sunday, September 4, 2011

The truth is I am really TIRED & SLEEPY.
Such a full day today..
Went to Ayu's house with Azie.
Got some low budget photo shoot with them. haha XD
But it was worth it. ^_^
Got the chance to spend some time with them.

Then yesterday my family and I went for a simple picnic near the river.
The river is actually located at the back of my mom's school.
Lama sudah sy xmandi sungai. Sangat lama.
Tym budak2 lagi last. haha 

I wanted to post a picture of myself together with my luggage(just a mimic haha)
To get into the mood. But I am very tired. So hehe..
Maybe soon. ^_^ Hopefully. 

Last time I mention about this group in Facebook.
Now all of them haz' the mood of going there.
They posted how many luggage they bring along.
And I was like WTH?? why do they bring so many bags?
This person posted, 
'1 big luggage, 1 shoe bag, 1 laptop bag and a handbag(a bag they carry around)'
and here I am with ONE luggage and a backpack.
Did I miss something to bring??
I am really worried. But why so many bags?? LOL.
I just hope everything is tip top of what I may need 
and hope I didn't forget anything important!!

AHH!! I didn't study enough for the UPIT exam on 14th Sept!!
ohmaii.. I am so worried.. It's all my fault.
My stupidity! aish.. my head. T^T

To relieve this massacre in my head, I'll read this..
FUNNY!!! Maybe some of you already found it but 
I just found it today. HAHA

Yesterday also,, hahaha 
My mom went to pay bills at SINGER.
When she got back to the car, a furry little fella just caught my eye.
Cuteness overload.
I assume it's around RM30-40 owh.
The teddy is so smooshy and cuddly. awh!!
But my mom got it for free from SINGER.
I bet some of you got it for free too. ^_^

Sebenarnya saya ingin memanjangkan lagi bebelan saya ini.
Tapi I ran out of ideas. My mind is constantly saying 'BED! BED! BED!'

If some of you don't know yet..
I will be away for..em..I don't know.
I am going to university and I don't own a laptop 
so I can't access all my acc.
I'm leaving on Tuesday. It's the day after tomorrow.

  Lastly a picture of the blog owner.
The lastest. I took it today.

Last2 tak juga panjang mana pun post ni!
Tpi honestly this is the longest(I think) entry 
I have ever made.