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let the night sparkle
Written at 10:34 PM on Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why hello there September. 
Such a beautiful month you're going to be.

A very nostalgic feeling swipes right through me.
Long ago I posted about a new year of 2011.
How I was afraid of my exam results and how bored I am.
And now, the end of year 2011 is near.
Like a candle, slowly it melts away.
How time flies without us realizing it.
Maybe we are enjoying our life to the fullest,
that's why we don't realize it.
If time flies fast, it's a good sign.
It means we are doing something with our life.

I'll try to make this simple and short, cuz' I know some people
doesn't even read long and plain posts like this.

Hey, I said SOME okay.
If you do read, you are a TRUE BLOGGER. 
I salute you.

This is considered as a short and simple post.
I speak only 15% of what I felt and thought right now.
So I'm saving the rest.
You will faint if I scream my minds out. haha XD

Have a wonderful month fellas'.

P/S: pssst...