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let the night sparkle
another Unimas moment
Written at 2:16 AM on Friday, October 7, 2011

It's late. or is it early?
2 am. early or late?
haha again kawan I let me use her laptop. haha
I always hang out in her room. haha
My room mate?? emm.. hard to say. 
I am currently broke. No money!! Would you believe it
if I say duit sy skrg kurang dri RM50!!!! MATAI.
PTPTN cepatlaa.. T^T adoii..

I am coping with assignments.
I am managing time. I am trying my best to survive here.
This is something I should be independent about.
Stay positive la knun.

This.. I want to perkenalkn some of my friends.
SOME. yg slalu sy hang out time kuliah bha..
P/S: all of them are from peninsular. 

 With Huda and Fatin
Ini dgn Nas. h0h0
Teman yg trbaik. Ijal. ^_^

I still remember the time when I walk along the alley between buildings in UNIMAS.
I saw a Malaysian flag and next to it..another flag but I don't know which part in Malaysia.
So felt weird. I though to myself.. 
"yi?? why no Sabah's flag?? Slalu ada ada bendera Sabah di tepi bendera Malaysia"
Then I realized. I am in Sarawak. Then I just laughed. hahahaha XD 
my peninsular friends were puzzled. erk.