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Uni Life
Written at 10:09 PM on Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where should I start??
ohmy.. So many la..
It's been..3 weeks since I'm here.
In Unimas.
In case you are wondering where is Unimas, it's in Sarawak folks.
Yup it is a government uni.

Anyway.. there are many..I mean LOTS of things happen in just 3 weeks.
Man oh man.
And no..I don't have a laptop yet.
Sad. Sad. Sad.
My advice for you fella's yang baru nak masuk uni nanti, sediaknla laptop awal2.
Because in Uni..you really REALLY need it.
All the lecture notes and annoucement and so on will be on the Uni's web.
Some can be found on facebook.
And plus.. Assignment awal2 lagi dah kena bagi. So it's really important.

Right now I am using my friend's laptop.
Memang dia yang terbaik la di sini. Dia sanggup biarkn saya guna laptop dia utk online.
Tolong la PTPTN, cepat la msuk!!!!

Sebenarnya, there are a lot of things I wish to share and write but..
honestly I don't know where to start and I don't have the time. LOL.

Last time, I joined the kayak competition.
Memang seriously an awesome experience la.
Because sebelum ni never ever went to practice.
My friend and I didn't fall into the water. Many did. haha
But we got last place. haha At least we didn't fall.
So sad, I didn't get the chance to take picture!! We met a few people.
It'll be great if we got a picture together.. T^T

We are not living in a hostel aa. It's more like an apartment.
If you went for a walk at 11-12 pm, It's not scary.
Why? Because there's still people walking around, hanging out and dating.
Yes. DATING. Di bawah bangunan!!! Ohmy..
Macam.. ntahla.. Ada signboard "Kawasan larangan untuk pelajar lelaki",
tpi macam teda2 ni.. hebat kn. ahaha So that was em.. kind a new to me.

Wanna know how's it like here?
Em.. It's hot. and our class is far. Macam jalan dari rumah sy pegi skolah ow.
haha about 10-15 mins? klu laju tu maybe less than 8mins kot.
Ah.. Di sini la sya belajar bahasa2 baru. lohgat2 baru. haha XD

Line wifi sini sngat la..adoii. guna broadband pun.. pergh... ntahla..
have to be patience la..

okayla.. so many bla2 so little graphic.
Macam membosankn pula kn..
Here you go. A few photos. To remind you that I am still alive.