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let the night sparkle
knowing you will never have it
Written at 11:11 AM on Friday, July 8, 2011

So this is gonna be another piece of my thoughts.
I try not to post stuff like this because it's kinda boring? maybe.
Blogger these days only look for blog that contains many photos.
For example a photo of themselves cam-whoring, stuff they bought or whatever floats the boat.
This so TRUE! 
(Others are info's blog or online shop blog but that's a different story)
Because sometimes I went blog surfing(a.k.a blog walking but I like my own way)
I stumble upon random blog with lots of pictures at the sidebar of their blog and 
their follower was like.. exceeded mine. 
Well no offense cause I also sometimes post a picture of me and stuff.
But I never exceeded 80+.
I just wonder why? What are bloggers looking for in a blog?
Or maybe it's because of the term "follow me-follow you"??

What do I look for in a blog?
Well I try not to follow a blogger who is rich and proud of it. 
Because they won't understand how people like me here survive.
I try not to follow a blogger who blog about the luxurious stuff they bought.
Because it breaks my heart knowing I can never buy such things.
I try not to follow a blogger who thinks wwwaaaayyy younger than their age(you know what I mean)
Because I might just get pissed off by how they're so desperate and childish.

No offense.
Did it hit you hard?
If YES, then I succeded.

I try not to blog about "myself" because it's too private.
But I don't know what else to post sometimes. haha
Someone would be sitting there and judging me right now like how you are doing this moment.