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let the night sparkle
Shows off in the middle of the night
Written at 1:17 AM on Tuesday, June 28, 2011

saya mahu minta puji dulu ni..
relax guizee.. give the spotlight for me just for once okay? hehe
I'm actually quite happy. I mean extremely happy.
Happy as a weenie..

wanna know what I am so psyched about??
click here please. 
and then here .

I know.. hehehe.... 
I'm sorry. This is just too trivial and a whole lot of showing off. hahaha

ucapan! ucapan! 

ehem.. I would like to thank God. I now believe..
..that the impossible is possible.

At fist, I'm like okay let's do this. Even though it was my first time.
and seeing that there were a lot of bloggers who joined it, let my hopes came crashing down.
So many!!! about 85 or 86 maybe? and I am no.23.
ohmaii does it make 23 as my lucky number????!!!! http://www.emocutez.com erk..
anyway, I went banana when I saw my url as the top 3.
Let's face it everyone wants to be no.1. heh.
But I got no.2 so it's okay. I still get something. ^_^
The truth is I felt bad for the others.
Cuz' maybe they'll be hatin'? Who knows.
Maybe when they go read my entry and they'll be like..
"yo..mine was better than this shit man." T^T
cuz' like for real, mine was like..even a 12 year old can think of.
I'm sorry for them. 

Anyway, Since I am so happy..
I'll be changing my background music.
No worries. It's not gonna be forever.
Just for this time. I know it's hard to read with a catchy music.
You'll ended up dancing your butt. ehehe.
I really missed this song.
I used to sing along to this song back theeeeen on MTV.
I don't even know what's Youtube that time. ^_^

random gifs of a happy weenie. ENJOYSSSS..
Yahh! Don't you ever try to click on the pause button on le music. 
I'm watching youuuu......