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You there.. hello!
Written at 9:24 PM on Friday, July 1, 2011

Don't mind the title.
I always make title that's irrelevant to my point. meh..
Well anyways.. I'm gonna share some of my activity this week.

Yesterday, Max and I went to town.
I went to look for a new slipper or is it sandal.
But my mom.. *sighs* gave me such low budget which I cannot tell.
It's too devastating. *facepalm*
I saw one, but there's no size for me.
Then we entered this shop, I saw a very nice one.
I liked it. ^_^
But when I saw the price, the horror!!! hehe..goodbye wonderland.
Huh! So much for your "it's not about the price tag", Jessy J. puh-lease.
So then we got out of the shop, I said to Max that it's ovahh ma budget. hehe
Then he said, No worries, I'll add your money.
But he ended up paying for it. LOL!!!!
So I still had my own money left, then I decided to go to the salon..
Yeaaa.. you get it..I cut my fugly hair. hehe

I don't know about you but I like it. ^_^

Well how do you like me now??
No more long fugly locks dangling on my shoulder.
HAHAHA.. Short hair.. so fun!! hehehe..
Although its a bit shorter than I expected but I'm quite happy with it.

Bida ka? Amaa.. maaflah jika bida di mata anda. h0h0

Oh! Oh.oh..oh nareul saranghae.. <--suddenly! haha
I was happy as a jelly-o yesterday, but today I went to the dentist.
Had an appointment.
NO.. They have an appointment with me. hehe Nwhaa just messing around.
anyway, it's a bit drill there, drill here and then stuff it all up kinda a experience.
I know. I don't understand when I wrote just now either.
meh.. What the heck..

Let's be jolly..tralalalaa...

Oh... Almost forgot..

p/s: July, Please don't fuck my days this month yea? Pretty awesome please??