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let the night sparkle
This title is totally random
Written at 11:08 PM on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

haha yep the title again. >_< hihi
I have no idea what to post.
But I don't want to leave my blog looking inactive.
So I'm just gonna update. 
Totally trivial post here.

Tomorrow gonna go to the dentist again.
I'm gonna be like "HELLO! It's my fugly face again."
The doctor is a guy and he's chinese.
how do I know? well his name is in chinese obviously.
Anyway, I heard once he talked on the phone in English.
Maybe I could reply him in English when he asks me something?
OMAAAIIII WTF am I thinking??!!
this is just totally some private things I have in mind that I wish to keep it myself.
Bleh don't tell me you never have an urge like I did? haha.
Maybe I'll just stay like a normal patient would. meh.. (-_-)
I don't want people to think I'm showing off (which I actually am doing?)

Okay-okay I cut it short here.
I don't want some private thoughts of mine suddenly pops out of it's shell again.
ratatapratataratataparatata see ya!