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At last.. we meet again.
Written at 12:07 PM on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After I don't know how many months but I think it's more than 6months of not seeing each other.
Yesterday we meet again. ^_^
awh come on.. I don't always post stuff like this taw.. hehe..
Just sharing my utter happiness. 
We're supposed to meet on Thursday. Because the day after that is his birthday. 
But today he went to KK. Job interview.
and who knows he said maybe he'll be staying with his cousins for a while..
Well ain't this some fun. 
We haven't met for months and now he's staying away from me again. 
Yay.. much fun.. NOT
well it's okay. It's not like 
I had the chance to meet him everyday if he's here right?
Maybe he'll not be so bored when he is staying with his cousin. hope so. 
Yesterday was a bliss though even if it's just for a while. ^_^
I met CELINE!! hehe his younger sis. I was a goof
We went to pick her up from school and when she entered the car, 
I was like 'wow.. she's purretttyy.. and taalll!' and I said.. "Hallu"
and she said "aik" and then I was like 'wow..such soft voice'..
And that's it. It was really awkward in the car. silence fills the air.
I know I should have said something to her. Maybe chit chat or something but like I said.
I was a goof. I don't know what to say. haha XD
Hope my 2nd appearance won't be as bad as this in the future. Sorry celine!! T^T

don't bother my goof face. hehe

Last week my cousins stayed at our house.
It was a day with my fav cousin.
I haven't met her for like..say..2 years!! yep.
And it was really awkward for us for the first time 
but soon it gets better. ^_^ 
She's going to Maktab Keningau. I not sure when though. I forgot. hehe
Her dad's hometown is at Keningau so no wonder la..
Hope maybe during the weekends she can come here?? hehe..
Miss her so much!!!
She's really pretty!!!! have a very mature face and tall! and clever and nice.
omo.. She's perfect.

omaigawd  baru sa perasan.. I wore the same shirt.! LQL.