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let the night sparkle
a mess that I confessed
Written at 12:42 AM on Thursday, June 9, 2011

First.. Its a mess here I know. It was late when I do this. 
Forgive me. There were some heated moments for me while doing it.
Plus, I'm not feeling very well. I've been sleeping with flu past these nights.
The fonts are a bit small I know. Just deal with it.
And there aren't much space ---->
for me to put some pics like the WSB logo. 
So I just put it as a link instead. 
I was hoping I would finish this editing fast but it turned out pretty late now.

I wanted to play this game I just downloaded.
Which took me about a few days to finish cuz it has like over 1Gb. lolwhut.
But since it's like in the middle of the night now, I'll just play it tomorrow..night. T^T

are you kidding me?? Of course after this I will play it. 
I waited it for days and its finished now and would I just let the chance go? NO!

I'm so lazy these days.
Lazy to write. I'm not worried.
I don't write for decades and I still don't feel sorry.
Ain't even famous or bladebla.. haha..

Have a nice day peeps.
GTG. ^_^