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I killed you 40times..
Written at 1:26 AM on Monday, June 20, 2011

So there was a time..
where I really wanted to upload a pic on any social network website.
To be more specific, Facebook.
Most of the people there I know, knows me.
My point is, my privacy there..very high. haha..
I upload less photo not because I want to but I had to.
I love photos! but..

I hate being judged. I hate hate hate.
Sometimes some people put 'funny' comments which they thought was funny but it's hell not.
Some I find rather rude, stupid, wtf, rude and rude!!!
Well, I also gave a rude comment before but only to those who gave me a rude comment. 
They deserve it. kyahhahaha..THEY REALLY DO!!
They gave 'funny' comment on me photo, they thought they sounded cool? psssh.. puh-lease..
I really wanted to say...

But my inner angel side said..

Ahh.. I wish I can insert gif's into comment box on Facebook.
I'll be able to get them back like a boss.

woah..woahh..woaaahh there..
Why am I posting stuff like this??
I really don't want to express my inner angryness here.

oh.. what the heck.