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let the night sparkle
Written at 1:57 AM on Monday, June 27, 2011

I may not be as pretty and charming like you want me to be.
But I am not what you thought I would be like.

Interpals showed me that look does matter.. in certain things.
If you are fugly, the pretty good looking ones will not even bother saying hi or reply your message.
even my pretty face they don't reply back. GTFO. haha
nhaa.. I'm just playin'.
I don't mind. really. Cuz if I see a pretty face and how they dress, I know I won't stand a chance.
So.. be it.
most people just look at yer face and if they don't like what they see..then be gone..
they didn't even bother to just get to know that person.
Well I'm like that too sometimes. ehehehe..
So I wrote this based on my personal experience mhaa.. hehe.

I'm not gonna waste my precious time on people like that.
There are billions of people worth my time.
remember the sky is really broad. <--doesn't make sense.

Sorry for the word fugly yall.
Remember what I said back then..

People are beautiful in their own special way.