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Written at 10:13 PM on Friday, February 3, 2012


okay as requested by my good friend.
              > Norbert <

Firstly, I am sorry for the late entry.
I want to do it correctly and the best. ^_^
This is like the first time someone actually
requested something for me to write about.
I don't know if you actually read this from top to bottom.
Because it's really hard for me to believe someone
actually read my blog. ahaha..
but Thank you.. from the bottom of my heart, I am truly touched.

Anyway, the request is about my hometown..
But I may warned you, if you are expecting
some photos..
I don't have many photos of Tambunan..
I am truly sorry for that. and of course, shame on me.

The first thing I like about Tambunan is..
just kidding.
I like everything HERE.
It's really different here compared with other place.
I am truly grateful to be a fellow Tambunan.
The scenery here..no doubt very green.
Hills divided villages. Rivers flow smoothly.
The weather is great!!! I like it cold and rainy here.
I get to wear my sweater in the afternoon in the morning..
in the afternoon..
Heck! I can wear it all day! haha XD

When I leave Tambunan and went to UNIMAS that day,
I was pretty excited and of course can't wait.!!!
When I reached UNIMAS, I was..O.O!!!!!
So many tall buildings...waahh...
Like sheep in a big city. =_=;
I still remember that when everyone was so tired and
complaining about walking to class and to the hall,
I was pumped up. The buildings amaze me. haha
terlampau la bha juga kn?
But as days..weeks..months went by..
I miss Tambunan so much!!!!
I missed my family, friends, the people here,
the weather..gosh everything..
and now that I am here for holiday,
I'm not ready to go back UNIMAS yet.
Please let me stay here longer...
Please oh please, time pretty please fly slowly.
Biar lambat asal kn selamat bha.. lambat2 la ko. haha
Sorry bout' that. tiba2 sy emosi skit. hehe

There are no shopping mall here nor anything for
teens entertainment like bowling and cinema.
(And I never go bowling before until my friends
brought me along with them. hehe)
So where do they go and hang out??
Tabasan(sawah), potong getah. hahaha just kidding.
Mostly they went to tamu.. or when there's occasion
like wedding and so on. hehe

bah.. actually I am a home girl.
Saya bagaikan pepatah kata
'katak di bawah tempurung kelapa.'
Dalaaaamm rumah, online ja kerja. huhu..

anyways. some photos for ya.. ^_^

Pekan Tambunan. (I don't own this photo)
The green side.. (I don't own this photo)
Comel kn??? mcm sy mau picit2 ja ni. haha 
Langit yg biru segar bersih..
Rmah sy yg d bawah tu.. 
(bkn atap hijau. kena lindung oleh tumbuhan2 itu =_=;)
Paddy field..
Mereka mengerjakan getah. hehe 
that's my dad and younger bro.
Jalan ke kebun getah kmiorng.. syok kn.
and lastly me. 
Kepenatan menulis entry ni. kunun. ahahaha

Thanks for reading.