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let the night sparkle
She whines a little.
Written at 5:31 PM on Thursday, November 24, 2011


Lama dah xbuat entry. kununla..
I was sick a few days ago. And still not feeling well now. I have toothache. Gah!!
God knows how much pain and toture I went through.
It started with a normal toothache.
Then it gets worse! I can't brush certain part of my teeth,
it hurts a lot when it came in contact with food so I CAN'T eat and I can't sleep at night.
I have bad bad bad AWFUL MOMENTS that time. NO FUN!!
And now, my cheeks are swollen. I already went to the dentist and I'm going again soon.
pLUs to make things comfier for me with these chubby cheek were just now.
We had presentation. SANGAT2 MALU sy di depan dgn pipi yg bengkak ni! GAH!!!
biar la.. LET IT BE. no one gives a damn only they kept asking me

'OH val.. Why..erm..why does your left eye looks..erm..swollen?'
'OH val.. What happened to your cheeks???'
'OH val.. mata kmu..memang kecil sebelah ke bengkak?'
'OH val.. kembang pipi ko. haha'

=_=; YES I KNOW!!!! GAH!!
Oh! I want to thank my good friends..
Sy terharu2 sgt2 dgn mereka berdua ni.
These two angels are true friends..
In new places, its hard to find friends that really cares for you and always be there for you.
These two are Malays and they're my good friends.
When I was dying so slowly because of this horrible toothache,
they're the ones who accompanies me to the clinic, askes me if I can't hold it anymore, askes me to eat something and so on. and then drove me to the dental clinic outside uni.
Lucky to have friends that knows how to drive AND! have a licence.
God bless both of them.

anyway, maybe during this weekend I'm going to BINTULU.
I'm following my friend. She's going home. ^_^
MAYBE.. no money bhaa.. POKAI gila sdah ni.
Sayang ow ptptn tu.. Mcm sy xrasa pun sy pakai ptptn tu.
Because pooff.. It just dissapeared in a blink of an eye.
on sem2 PTPTN I will organize everything and control my inner lady.
pergh forget it. haha

I don't usually whine about things kununla..
But I personally have problems with the people in this house.
WHY? because they don't have the proper hygiene that I thought it would be.
Before going here, I thought I was goiing to be the one who..well..
the lazy one. But now I know, I was wrong.
Heran ow sy dgn drng ni.
I went to wash my hands just now and the sink in the kitchen was..
gah!! Some leftovers and tid bits of food being left just like that.
Who the hell are they thinking is going to clean that?
Glad to have my mom so strict with me in the cleanliness of our house.
Although it is still messy at times but..berh..
anyway, Bukan itu ja... itu sinki yg ada cermin lg yg.. T^T syg btul ow..
KOTOR gila ow.. Nasib tu bukan area sy, nda juga sy msuk dlm senarai yg tertuduh nda
pandai jaga kebersihan.
Sometimes they ate in the living room, and just left it like that.
All messy with the crumbs and rubbish. =_=; PALING SY BENCI!!!
nasib sy bukan ketua rumah, klu x, sudah lama sy mau tampal2 notice supaya jaga kebersihan
rumah. Bikin malu bh, nama ja PEREMPUAN tpi kerja2 bgini pun..haduih..
Tak kn la sy sorang ja dlm rumah ni yg concern?? CIS.
Cukupla.. Teda guna jg ni smua. HAHAHAHA

Here's some pics on WATERFRONT, Kuching..

And oh Breaking DAWN is out.
The reason why I stressed on 'DAWN' is because I saw a lot of people
post on facebook saying Breaking Down. Ntah dri mana drng dpat tu.
buat movie baru kali.

Today I went to the dentist again. and of course.. SWASTA. NON-GOV ya... T^T
Sebab terpaksa. I don't know where gov's hospital is and my health can't wait.
1st the doc said 'nah membengkak sudah kn? hari tu xbengkak. Ada makan ubat?'
and I said ada. Then he said 'dah habis? berapa hari?'
I replied 'dah. 3 hari.' padahal belum habis. Sepatutny dah hbis tpi 2 hari yg pertama tu sya
silap makan. 1 biji ja sy makan tpi yg sepatutnya dua biji. T^T
Then he looked at my teeth. He said 'perlu cabut gigi ni.. nak cabut?'
and I was like NO WAY!! paling depan lg tu!
then he said 'hmn..kmu tak nak cabut kn.. beginila. kita buat rawatan akar. kena matikan gigi supaya tak sakit.' The moment I hear the word.. Rawatan Akar or Root canal treatment.
My mind was working hard. Must cost a lot of penny. T^T
The process was HELL of course. I cried. I don't usually cry in this situation but this time I did.
Because it HURTS A LOT! Time kena bius tu yg sakit! Sampai di pipi, dalam gila dia jarum.
3 injections. 3 painful hell-like injections.
Nak tau apa tu Rawatan Akar Gigi? GOOGLE it. haha XD

Haaa serupa mcm ni la sy kena buat tdi. Bermacam2 benda tajam(seperti yg wrna biru tu) yg ditusuk ke gigi sy.. Memang tengok dari gmbr nmpk sgt menakutkn right?
Tpi sy rasa sakit sikit jala tdi sebab dah dibius beberapa kali kn. =_=;
Nak tau berapa harga rawatan ni sbnarny? RM300-500.
Tpi tadi sy bayar RM50. heran jgk.
Sekali tengok sy kena suruh bayar 1 minggu lepas tu. HAHAHA T^T