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Written at 2:59 PM on Thursday, January 12, 2012



now I can post a real post. ^_^

OKay.. erm.. Where to start??

I am counting days. another few days to go and I'm going back
to wonderland. HAHAHA never tought I would miss my hometown this much.
Never thought I would miss my family and friends. Never thought I would miss
something I thought I wouldn't be missing.
I will surely spend my time this semester break FULLY!!!
I can't wait. I've been away for such a long time. about..4-5 months.
Never been away from home that long. Words are unexplainable to the feelings
I have right now. enough.

I think I will be repeating some papers for this sem.
I did awful this sem. T^T
My fav subject is Gender, Ethnicity & Class. I aim to get an A on it.
On the mid-sem test, I did okay I guess. moment of show-off. I get 5 wrong only.
hahahaha XD hey bukan selalu sy minta puji bhaa..
But our assignment and presentation marks LOW!! I picked the wrong member.
I guessed. But they're good friends.
AH repeat pun repeat la.. palis2 tidak.

If you're wondering about the final exam..well it was so-so.
Some I did okay I guess but some.. bleh.. T^T
Hope for the best to come la..

This is Anne's family. ^_^ Her mom gave me that necklace.
Do you know how much it costs?? Around RM40-RM60!!!!
I am honoured... T^T

Okay that's all.
I am sleepy.. zzzz