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Written at 11:48 PM on Thursday, December 8, 2011


Before doing some extreme assignments and stuff, I'll update first.
Writting this while listening to Christmas song.
Yes. Holiday mood. The truth is I don't feel the Christmas spirit here.
Maybe it's because I'm far from my family and friends.
and maybe because we're busy with assignments here.
Gah! It's a busy and chaotic week for me.
Next week is the last week of lecture. asdfghjkl YES I can't wait!
Seriously I am tension. I never felt so rushed and well..worried before.
I should be doing assignments now. Tomorrow we have Hubungan Etnik presentation.
To make it easier, we're the FIRST group! GILA!
And then problem with Gender's report. I don't mean anthing offensive but,
it's hard to have a group member that have..well not so good in english.
Because most of our subjects are in English. Maybe next sem I'll try to
find a group member that I can depend on. I'm sorry..
Because I felt like I am the one who is well..I'm just worried. T^T

God please give me patience and strength throughout these moment.

Okay Now I am going to talk about gender and the stereotype.
Sorry to those who expect some cute and adorable stuff or photos or
some fun stuff here but I'm more into writting stuff. ^_^v

Okay as you know or may not know, I like to be friends with boys.
I don't know why actually but I find that they're rather fun to joke with
and talk to. ^_^ They don't whine much and always energetic haha XD
anyway, I have this friend more like good friends because we always went to class together
and we always accompanies one another to somewhere etc.
And yeah he's a guy. =_=;
Some says something bullshit-like rumors or thoughts that we're a couple or a scandal.
yea. BULLSHIT. I mean, grow up la.. In Europe, a guy and a girl hugging are well
they don't have that stereotype mind like when they see a guy and a girl walking together,
imidiately considered as a couple. WTH. I know we're not in Europe but..awh come on people.
Their assumption can affect people's friendship you know.
I don't care what some shit they're going to say next because what I believe, my friend
and I know that we're just good friends.
Plus I effin' adore my namja chingu. ^_^
So what I'm trying to say is that, we should open our mind,
Our society still have this stereotype mind of believing that a guy and a girl seen together
are considered as a couple. That's just pure KUNO! NO OFFENSE.
I know it's not good for the eyes of the society to see but as long as the're not doing
something fucked up, it's not wrong right?!
So fella's let's dig up a deep hole and bury that stereotype mind and never dig it up.
Let it decompose. HAHAHA

My cheeks are starting to swollen up again!! T^T I must have that treatment pronto
but please wait.. T^T please give me time pretty please my sweet cheeks.
Tomorrow have presentation, on Saturday have agenda and on Jan have final so
I need to focus during study week on December.
I'm going to Kampung Budaya this Saturday and then we're going to the beach!!
I'm very excited because I never been to a beach before.
I'll capture many awesome moment hopefully. ^_^
Okay enough, I need to work now.
Soorry for the long entry.
I don't blame you if you're not reading.

I took this photo today. This is our tutorial class. hee..

Again I just took this photo today.
So this is how I currently look.

You know, I find it rather amusing that, sometimes people tag me on my chatbox,
saying 'oh I love your entries.' 'nice info' and so on..
I mean do they really read what I post??? 
hahaha I don't know.