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an awesome title here perhaps
Written at 2:52 PM on Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hulloo hullo everyone. ^_^

We just finished our Hubungan Etnik exam just now. >.> =3 fuh!
If you went through form 6. you'll know what's it like.
That subject is a bit like Pengajian AM la.
so dejavu! gah!! gila.
Pengajian AM.. well you can say I'm not into it that much. heh.
If you know me, then you can point your finger at me and laugh. =_=;
I only studied it last night perhaps? haha
Last minute study, marks pun last minute punya aa. Kekeke..
I'm just glad it's over now. waiting for finals.

What bothers me the most right now are:
> Psychology contemporary
> Anthropology and sociology
> Assignments!!! gahh!!

All of these will be over on DECEMBER.
December I'm waiting for you. My December..

oH! On our exam tadi kn.. HUJAN. 
After exam, it was still raining. oh and our venue for the exam is at other campus. 
Have to take a bus ride and it takes around 4-5 mins to get there.
But my friends and I rent a car ^_^
Lucky me dapat friends yang tahu driving. kekeke..
After exam(again) I forced my friends to go out. HAHA
We went to Giant. At first they insist because 
it's raining and at night.Around..8pm. 
Still early bhaa.But they fell for my puppy eyes. HAHA
On the way to Giant through the blurry, rainy and foggy road, the sky shocked me from now and then.
Funny thing is, I was the only one shrieking! My friends just do what they do.
The lighting is really REALLY different from Tambunan. =_=;
The lighting here is scary shit man.
Terang gila. So bright! I even saw a lighting. and I rarely see it in Tambunan!
I feel like an IDIOT in the car constantly shrieking to something so common to them. =_=;

Then we arrived at Giant. I bought a few stuff. 
So many cute adorable snacks there. awwwhhh....
And I bought a bag. I need it. It's around RM20 la..
Gahh!! I am penniless. T^T

My friend spent me a drink just now.
haha I've never ordered this drink before
but I thanked him for offering me this drink.
It's super yummy. Lychee Drink!

I don't know why it looks greeny. haha XD
But one thing for sure, buah laici tu yg sodap!!