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december I surrender
Written at 11:24 PM on Thursday, December 1, 2011

alloo again. ^_^

update pasal gigi sy.
Tak habis2 c val ni dgn giginy kn.
I'm ashamed. that day, the doc didn't do a root canal pula.
hahaha but I thought it was because the procedure is almost the same. ??
well anyway, the doc suggested that I should do it.
Or not the pain will come back.. =_=;
the price is actually about RM300-RM500.
But student price only RM200. pretty good deal huh?
I haven't told my mom yet.
She's still in anger mode. =_=;
it's all because of ticket. long story.

Aziee if you're reading this. I'll be home on 16th. hehe
that's on Monday. Thursday kita jumpa aa. sy book ko awal2.
There's A LOT of things I would like to tell you!! haha

Anyway, I can't believe it's DECEMBER.
Final is around the conner.
Christmas.. New year. GOSH!!
Everything moves so fast.
Time must've been exercising a lot nowadays huh'
it sure does fly fast. =_=;
Assignments and so on. GAHH!!
This is so not me. tpi apa boleh buat.
my precious game will have to wait. T^T
There's so many things I need to cover.
I am very pertrified.

Here's some photos to relieve the eye sore. haha XD
This is with ADAM. dia ni kaki gmbar. =_=;
venue: Jambatan Cinta Unimas.. =_=;
plus makin chubby kn sy =_=;
it's okay. Yang penting sy bahagia dapat makan. 
My awkward smile. =_=;
samaka?? dgn background di blkg tu? ahahaha

Picture taken and edited by me.
Banyak kn payung.
It was raining this time, we're inside the lecture hall.
Perjumpaan dengan pengtua kolej. ^_^

Happy December.

Okay cukup la mintapuji sy aa..