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let the night sparkle
Written at 9:53 AM on Friday, January 27, 2012


People are judgementalist. 
Yes. they are.. I am too. Don't deny.
I was brainstorming just now.. thinking about a few things
about the society these days.
I realised that whatever we do, we think its right,
there are people who thinks it is wrong.

Let's take an example of pictures.
Yes. Pictures. Many of us enjoys taking pictures.
Pictures of scenenry, other people or our own self.
Cam-whoring. I love cam-whoring. hehe
Mainly girls who enjoyed this sensation actually.
There's a phemonenon about girls taking picture like this..

The 'ape' and 'duck' like mouth. right??
I didn't say it..but others did.
Well I'm not against or anything.. I'm in between the line. haha
I did this face a few years ago and stopped.
Not because of the statement of ape-duck like mouth.
I just did stop because I am a grown and matured woman. bahaha
well anyway, who are we to judge people? are we a judge?
I mean.. have you ever wonder why the took photos like that?
It's because they feel beautiful that way. They feel comfortable.
and maybe they like it.
and here we go the bashing them. telling them its ugly and horrible and what-so-ever.
Not only this kind of picture but others too. they even posted it on facebook.
Yes I bet you saw it too. and you do know what I mean right?
and if you don't.. i don't know. =_=;
If all those photos aren't approve by the society then what??


And before long, all poses are wrong.


How ignorant. How stupid.
It's like we are destroying someone's feeling.
making them feel bad about themselves. I know, I am starting to talk crap
but listen here you jello-phat..
You have no right to crush people.
And if it looks really really bad..let them be.
At least there's something we'll be laughing and smiling about.

just don't ruin the fun okay.