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let the night sparkle
Written at 2:13 AM on Thursday, February 2, 2012


It's getting boring here with me saying hello. haha
I've been thinking..
why do I create a blog.
why do I love bloging?
I know.. if you're up to date with my posts, you may notice that
I have already talk about this stuff before but heck..
people change. ^_^
sometimes for the good and well others went bad.
I wish to make this entry short.

I love to blog. I really do.
I mean, why would I have a blog in the 1st place if I don't like it?
What my blog mainly about is..
my perception about life. 
I like using the the word 'why?'
To show curious-city. and I am a curious person. 
Well some are about me. What interest me.
Who cares? I post what I want so STFU.
Plus, I like to write. I like words. I like to create something 
originally made by my own mind.
Like what I am writing right now.
All are mine unless I stated that it's other awesome person owns.
okay.. so I do make a LOT of grammar mistakes and typos.
hehe I'm trying to well not make you puke. 
I am struggling. hard.

okay.. It's the end of January and a grand entrance
with a red carpet for February..
I hope February as always..please be a good month for me yea?
And wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day in advance.