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let the night sparkle
Written at 2:18 PM on Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey bitches.
HAHA just joking..

Holiday almost over.. Actually it's over for me now because 
I have to study now for mid-term on Monday.
I know.. last min mau study gagal bru tau palis2.
Subject yg sy xpro lg tu. T^T

Last night, we went out. 
My friends and I. 
Kami pgi makan di hotel dgn selipar Jipun. haha XD
Nobody cares.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We're the only one there I guess. Teda lelaki kacak jg.

The name of the hotel is The Regency-The White Rajah.
Okay la jgk. hahaha XD
I didn't get the chance to snap more pics.
Muka tembok la weihh.. haha mcm jakun pula sy.

Our exam schedule is out!!!
But not yet confirm. Awal habis ow.. but like I said, not yet confirm. =_=;
Seriously I can't wait to finish!!! Tapi xpandai belajar. Someone slap me!! argh

Stay beautiful girls..