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Written at 9:27 PM on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I was hoping not to post anything today but here I am again. (=_=') hehe

Are you a fan of the Korean drama 'You're Beautiful'?
Well guess what??
They're airing a Japanese Version.!!!!
Ikemen Desu Ne.
I can't tell whether it was as awesome as the korean version
because I just started watching it. ^_^
But I can tell you that...
Tae kyung in korean version is faaaarrr mucch more attractive though. haks
Go min nam in korean and japanese version looks..a like? a bit. haha A BIT!

Above Japanese version.
Below Korean version
Looking forward to the plot of this Japanese version. ^_^

I should really be studying now. haha
Got this ICT test on 14th Sept and I still haven't revise it yet.
Then I met my arch nemesis. I escaped from it last year.
Never thought I would meet it again.
Behold!!! 'my favorite subject'...
This time I can't get away from it.
It's a compulsory subject. T^T
I know. I am so dead.
Me and history doesn't really..blend well. hehe

Oh God have mercy.