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I do not...
Written at 12:48 PM on Friday, August 26, 2011

Yo! Waddup. hehe

Anyway, I just got back from medical checkup with Max.
Same drill. urine test, height, weight bla2. but this time have to do an X-ray test. 
I'm not sure if my grammar usage is correct there but what the heck.
After we got our X-ray report, we went to meet a doctor.
When he checked my X-ray, he said there's slightly bla2 here.
haha don't know what he said.
Then he asked me whether I'm close to someone who smoke.
And I said yes. Then he asked me again do I smoke or not.
I said no. He then said if I don't smoke my lungs should be perfect.
I was a bit on rage at that moment.
It's like he...thinks I do smoke. BLARGH.
Hey Doc, I can't even stand the revolting smell of smoke and you asked me whether I smoke or not?

I can explain why there's a bit of smoke(maybe) in my lungs.
Every evening my family and I went to our veggie farm? garden? haha
Then we always light up a little fire. Just to get the smoke.
The reason is to shu away those bugs devouring our corps.
There you go sir Doc. I want to said this but he kept on talking talking. blergh.
And I don't want to say much.
The important thing is, I do not smoke. NEVER.
Suddenly I became short. 
Last time I went medical checkup during my National service,
my height was different.
And now different also. Much shorter now. dem.
But glad my weight does not lie. hahaha XD

Apa2 pun tadi syukur selamat duit sy..
Thanks to Max's mom. 

Happy holiday fellas' 
Have fun.