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This scared the hell out of me
Written at 11:36 AM on Thursday, July 21, 2011

uhuk2.. sorry about the 'hell' word. haha <-nobody cares.

Anyway. I'm sharing about SINKHOLE.
Have you heard about it?
The first time I saw what this sinkhole is, gives me goosebumps. It's really scary!!!
Sinkhole is caused by the earth when it is in a depression.
The earth's surface will undergone a karst process.
Which is a dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock. etc.
Chech Mr.Wiki for more info.
I'm just more into the formation of sinkhole. It feels like the world is falling apart. O.O!!!

The latest news about sinkhole:
A woman from Guatemala found a sinkhole under her bed
More info about the news click here..

Guatemala and Florida is known for sinkholes.
Some sinkhole can be made into tourist attract if it's not too deep.

This is from Guatemala.

Scary shit right?
Even the name "sinkhole" sounds scary.
Oh and I don't even know how they will close this up.
Or maybe they just leave it like that?? 
Beware, it may occur anywhere. Anytime.