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International Study? ommaaa.
Written at 1:51 AM on Monday, July 18, 2011

I got accepted into university.
UNIMAS to be specific.
Of course happy and excited but at the same time worried and sad.
The course I'm taking is International Study.
Any idea what's it about?
I made research on what will be studying about.

On 1st year :
SSF 1023 Contemporary Psychology (this one sounds fun)
SSF 1044 Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology (have no idea)
SSF 1063 Communication  and Society (don't be fooled aa, communication in history)
SSF 1083 Gender, Ethnicity and Class (a bit about our community)
SSF 1093 Statistics for Social Sciences (statistic? Awesome. Math)
SSF 1013 Introduction to Social Science (okay2)
SSF 1033 Introduction to Malaysian Social History (History. HISTORY.)
SSF 1053 Introduction to Politicial Science (Politic? I'm a hippie!!)
SSF 1074 Modern Economics (eco. GOD please help me)

Serve you right Val. Serve YOU right!
hmp! That's only the 1st semester.
Wait until you see the 2nd and last year.
I have seen it actually and if you know me, you will laugh.
Because the lesson is SO NOT ME!

2nd semester:
SSF 2014 Research Methods in Social Sciences
-SSA 2014 Introduction to International Relations
-SSA 2024 Foreign  Policy  Analysis and International Relations
-SSA 2033 International Relations: Theory and Practice
-SSF 2063 Approaches to Social Inquiry

SSF 2034 Social Theory
-SSA 2044 Introduction to International Economics
-SSA 2054 International Politics of Asia Pacific

I know. I KNOW!!
T^T help help help
I don't know if I can do this.
This stuff I am so very the clueless. 

3rd Year
SSF 3036 Final Year Project
-SSA 3014 Introduction to International Law
-SSA 3024 ASEAN Politics
-SSA 3033 Security and National Defence
-SSA 3044 Contemporary Issues in International Relations
-SSF 3014 Sociology of Development

SSF 3036 Final Year Project
-SSA 3054 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in International Relations
-SSP 3034 Politics of Developing Countries
-SSP 3034 Political Ecology

My tummy ache so much just by reading it.
Overall, if we look at the title, it involves politic and history.
sounds like a lawyer should know about stuff like this. FUCK NO!

Well I haven't started studying it yet, so I don't know how.
Have to struggle. EXTRA hard.
My fear is getting kicked out. O.O!!!!!