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this is hard
Written at 10:33 AM on Tuesday, February 14, 2012


In just a few more days I will be going to my second semester.
My result for the 1st semester was horrible.
I had to repeat 1 paper that I hate the most!!!!!
My result was really BAD!
I hope I can do well on this second semester.
Betul2 sangat sayang 1st sem tu. Because the subjects were not reallly that hard.
only that subject is hard. I know I can do better than this but tak serious ini la jadi.
To all you people out there. Be sure to put your best! give the best.
Or not you'll regret it. 
and you'll be wishing you have a time machine to turn back time.
I'm glad I still have the chance to take all my core subject this year.
I'm thinking of repeating that subject this sem but my senior said
this sem's subjects are tough. So I am having second thoughts.
Oh my subjects for the 1st semester(previous sem) was:
Contemporary Psychology
Intro to Anthropology and Sociology
Communication and Society
Gender, Class and Ethnicity
Statistic for Social Science
Ethnic Relation
So overall I have 6 subjects! Yes STPM only have 4 subjects.
This is 6 subjects. I love every subject except Statistic and a little Ethnic Relation.
My FAV is Gender.!!! Love that subject but I only got a B on it.
But I got an A for anthropology. The lect is nice that's why I guess..
and for this semester's subjects are:
Introduction to Social Science
Introduction to Malaysian Social History
Introduction to Political Science
Modern Economics
Tamadun Islam dan Asia
As you can see, it's have a different area from the 1st sem's subjects.
Semester kali ini macam lebih kepada kenegaraan! 
If you know me.. you will laugh. Sudahla Pengajian Am pn hangkang!
I'll be dead. So kalau ditambah dgn Statistic lg?? matai..
My senior said I'm crazy if I repeat the subject this semester.
I don't know. We're supposed to be taking an English Courses too but
I think I won't be taking one this sem. I will be taking Malay language.
Malay language is a must. So I'm taking it.
I hope it's like form 5 Malay Language a little bit.
But they said it's like STPM's Malay Language.
So anyone taking BM during STPM..help me out will ya? susah ka?? T^T

Sorry if there's too many typo's.
Too lazy to read back. hehe..
My head is..all over the place.
I need to go to my mind palace.


happy valentine's day
almost forgot about that. XD