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Written at 4:56 PM on Wednesday, February 29, 2012


AAAHHH such a long time not online..
padahal baru ja beberapa hari kn. =_=; kira macam seminggu jgkla.
sik ada line dlm bilit kmek sitok bha.. T^T

SO many things happened a few days ago..
I was a LO. liaison officer.
yeye.. I got the chance to wear the vest that most students
didn't get the chance. huhu..
It was for this event called K2P.
Konvensyen Politik & Pemerintahan. whereas they invited a few
known politicians in Malaysia.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim
Prof Madya Datuk Abdul Halim Sidek
Yep.. I can't believe I've seen this people in front of my own eyes.
Just a few metres away from me.. especially Dr.Mahathir... fuh2..
This is the biggest politic event Unimas have ever made.
And I..I mean us..we are the first to ever to become one of the LO.
Here's a some photo..
Hasif & Davidson
YDP & Tim.YDP UUM! fuh.
Guess what.. I bought a new camera!!!!
Finally.. it cost about RM398 yes..
pretty expensive but worth it. Because the old was was about RM300+
but uses battery. not chargeable.
This new one even has a HD video and a built it sound speaker..
I am really happy..

the outcome.. click for larger view k. ^_^
btw.. this drink is sooo cute right.
I mean the packaging.
But the coffee is yummy too..

Ada pertandingan sukan antara Fakulti la..
There are a few that I like..
Bola baling and Taekwondo..
I want!!!!! tpi sy xtrbawa sluar taekwondo. 
Baju pun sik ada..
Bola baling.. sik ada teman!!!! T^T