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let the night sparkle
a good start perhaps?
Written at 7:07 AM on Tuesday, February 21, 2012


this is probably a good start on sem 2.
Some of my good friends that I always hang out with can't join me in TITAS.
Tamadun Islam, Tamadun Asia.. that things. bleh. yea.
I can say I was pretty lucky to get a pointer above 2.50.
If under that, they can only take 15 hours credits. So they had to drop some subjects.
I got 22. A closeeee call. But now I'm alone! =_=; haish!
Nevermind that.
I dropped BM cuz' clash with tutorial. haish!!!

Oh.. did you know.. Dr.Mahathir will come to UNIMAS.?
Event is calle Konvensyen Kebangsaan Politik dan Patriotisme.
If I'm not mistaken it's on the 25th Feb.There will be a talk.
I'll be one of the LO. or AJK.
I will be under AJK pengangkutan! YES!!
Maybe we'll be guiding Dr.Mahathir in the way from airport?
who knows? haha XD
There are some students from other universities in Malaysia
that will be joining the event. heee..
I am so excited! Thank you kawan sbab jadikan saya AJK. wee..

OH I am now in a different room but same house.
Last time I applied for a single or double.
I don't want to be in the triple room anymore.
And my application was approved. I got single. weee...

okay.. that is all.
I got limited internet connection.
so take care.. ^_^