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24 days left..
Written at 12:35 PM on Thursday, August 11, 2011

24 days.. I still have time. ^_^
But am worried with some things..
I'm looking into the future.. how I would be like in there.
This is not like when I was in National Service kind a experience..
NS only for 3 months or less. Only 3 months. not that long actually..

But in uni with many many many people for a long period of time.
What worries me the most besides studying is..

Will my new friends there be the same as my besties are?
Will I joke and curse and play with them, and they get mad? 
Will they accept my appearance?
Will they dislike my behavior? the way I speak? the way I laugh?
Will they understand my feelings?
Will they be there for me when I sad? Will they even know I'm sad?
Will they help me when I'm in trouble? have problems?

Omaiigawd.. All these thoughts just came fluttering into my mindless mind. 

I do not wish to think stuff like this now.
But sometimes it's best to prepare.
I do not wish to be someone else.
But if I go on with how I act now, I may be pushed around.
I do not wish to care what people will think of me and I know the sun still goes up and the moon will come afterwards..
But I love myself and no one deserve to be talked shit about. 

Well either way, I hope I can cope with it.
I know I'll be dealing with different kinds of people, drama, clique and problems.
When that time comes, I hope I am prepared and able to cope it of course. 

Thanks for reading.
You are one sweet person and a good listener 
if you read this from top to bottom.
God bless you.