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let the night sparkle
3 days in a row baby must be a hat-trick
Written at 10:06 PM on Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yo yo you yo

entries 3 days in a row.
epic blogging hat-trick baby. haha
Ntah pa2 yang di ngomong. haha
I dunno wae suddenly I kept on posting.
Maybe because I know, I won't be able to post for a long time after this.
Will be going hiatus not for long.
Starting September.
I knoww... T^T
I will be going to uni on September.
I don't have a laptop.
So I'm waiting for some money to rain down on me.
not some but MANY MONEY. $.$ ka-ching.

For the time being, I'm gonna rape your fellow mellow eyes
with some photo foto mohohoho..

my best friend at home:

In times of trouble, it comes in handy.

updates -ME-

Sorry la ekk.. muka dah kena touch-up ckit ni cuz I'm going out after I took that photo. hehe
I don't always post photos of me here.
But there you go. 
A picture of this blog owner.

I seriously dislike having an interaction or conversation 
with people who thinks younger than their age.
Get it?
I'm an easily pissed off person so they're not my type to be dealing with.

That's all. Enough for today.
Enough already.