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Written at 11:44 PM on Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I feel as if I haven't been posting for such a long time.
I am busy past these..days.. weeks.. kununla. haha
With assignment and so on..
Sem kali ini lebih banyak memerlukan duit. serius..
Political event.. economy.. duii.
Money money money pokai sdah sya. T^T
Diet la ni. Diet klu xpandai slim jgk, sya pun xtau la. =_=;

Minggu ini adalah minggu midterm exam.
Thank GOD! Paper tadi Political Science.
yea I know Politik pun ada sains. erk.
Then tomorrow subjek kesayangan sya. TITAS. :-P
Hopefully dapat jawab la.

Sem ini jgk sya mcam ada malas oh.
I don't want the same mistake I did to repeat.
can someone just hit me with a pail full of bricks?
perlu di sedarkan jgk sy ni. gamalas. =_=;

picture taken after we finished our Political Science paper. 

YEP.. Gold for handball!