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Yanasensei’s Giveaway!
Written at 10:01 PM on Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello... ^_^
This is my first time doing stuff like this..
So its okay if I don't win, at least I have the chance to tell people what I think.. 
haha.. The question is..

What is love? http://www.emocutez.com

Pretty simple question. But is the answer as simple as it would be?
Love is a feeling. How do we feel? Within our heart and how our body react to it.
Love cannot be describe. sorry. T^T
For me, You have to feel it. experience it.
The question is, how would you know if it is love?
The feeling when you think of that person, your heart will beat so fast and you start to smile and just close your eyes for a moment.
When we talk about love, mostly people will think of a love for someone.
There are many kinds of love.
And as we know, Love doesn't show mercy.
No matter what age, gender, stuff and so on.
to be specific, people can fall in love with their own gender,
young and old and even humans with animals!!
I know, it sounds weird and disgusting for some point but I don't really blame them.
About a few years ago, yea I would feel what they're doing might be disgusting and
a shame but now.. I think different.
Why is it their fault if such feeling like love exist??
Can you convince someone that you truly love them just by saying
"I love you"?
No. You have to show it. Show it like you mean it

Like Bruno Mars said "I would jump in front of a train for you.."
Would he really jump in front of a train and kill himself?
No. It's just a way of saying how much he loves her.
But.. would she let him? Her decision shows it all.
But as much as I would agree, people should think sane for some reason.
 Love is a deadly weapon. http://www.emocutez.com
Because if you fall hard(fall in love lor), you would do anything for it.
And I mean aaaannnnyyyytthhhhhinnnnggg.. Sad to say that I've been to that point
where I would cry all night long, ditch my friends, and family and  would do anything so that person would be happy. And when it is over, I felt horrible.
Because Love should be shared not to only one person but to many. Billions!
I felt bad for ditching my friends and family that time. http://www.emocutez.com
I give my infinite love to God who I believe.
my undying love to my family.
friendship love to my friends whose always there for me,
and sensational love to the person who I will be spending the rest of my life with in the future.

I promised myself not to write so many trivial stuff. I failed. Sorry.
In the end, it doesn't tell people what love is. haha
What I'm trying to tell is, You wanna know what's love?
You feel it.
Once you feel it for someone, control it.
But never ever ditch the people around you.
and don't ever forget God in every relationship you are in.
If you believe in God..Then that's love.
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