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let the night sparkle
hahaha made it up.
Written at 1:32 AM on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You're online and was so bored..
you're looking like..

then you tried to chat some people up..
you came across a cute guy who is online 
and you're like..
you said 'hi'.. like..
then he's like.. hey..
and you're like..
he actually replied!!!!
then you chat for hours!
Finally you planned to use webcam.
and you're like..

you saw his face on cam 
and you're like..
but inside, you're really like..
he acts cute and all like..
you're like..
then he said..
you're like..
but inside you're like..
you said 'really' like..
he's like..
and you're like..
But then he's like..
and you're like..

in the end you're like..

haha some random things I have in mind.
funny gifs! h0h0h0..

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