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let the night sparkle
a weird dream and another round of randomness thoughts.
Written at 3:07 PM on Monday, April 18, 2011

Last night I had this really weird dream.
Maybe I was just addicted to blogging. haha XD
anyway, it goes like this..
One day, I check my blog and found out I got
50 followers. Yea. 50. 
not much for you popular bloggers but
it's hell a lot for a typical blogger like me.
And on my chatbox there's so many people post.
I got one that says my latest post is a bit 'jiwang'.
and this other one say I didn't follow him back
and he's a bit pissed off.
(well there's someone from the chatbox said he followed me
and asks me to follow back but I don't see any changes on my followers list
I'm sorry, 
whoever it is..)

my random thoughts.
I'm sorry. haha

well, when I was on my Tumblr dashboard..
I see a lot of post being reblogged.
I also found a few tumblrs that actually got so many followers
by just reblogging posts.
well same goes to blogging.
Mostly I try to make things on my own.
Come up with words on my own.

Sometimes I thought of things like 
"I don't care about being followed or not."
When actually I really do care about being followed.
I don't actually know why I wanted to be followed.
Do you?? 
Say, Do people actually read what I post?
Like this very long post? 
Especially with this tiny fonts?

Yes if I'm like Justin Bieber or Donghae of Suju. LOL
If people commented on your post,
It surely proves that they actually read your blog.
Not just view pictures of you (like I did sometimes XD)
I like to say things like when you read it, it's true.

When I read something like these..
I'm like..
This is SO TRUE!


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