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My Experience
Written at 10:33 PM on Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ah..no no no... this is still my blog. hahaha...
I know, all of a sudden.. unprocessed rubber.
Mostly the people in my hometown gained money by rubber tapping.
The price for rubber is expensive. 
Well, sometimes it went up and down.
As we say it "naik turun harga" h0h0..
Aish.. bnyk juga membebel sa ni.
The truth is, I want to share my experience in collecting
this unprocessed rubber. or kantalan! haha XD

We went there about 8am and it was okay at first.
but the path seems..harder.
because we walked passed a paddy field.

Look!! So nice. 
Even if it is captured by my camera phone.

Gahh I can't sow you the path to the rubber (field?) because
I had no time to take picture.
The path is...we're going up the hill!!

This is my dad and younger brother.
They're checking the rubber that my dad made.
After that white thingy is ready. 
It'll smell...awfully disgusting!
Then they can sell it to the people that will collect it.

Ah lupa..
Ada plak ni gmbar. 
ni salah satu pathway.. fiuh..

Tadaa to show you that I went up the hill
to collect the rubber.
High high..I'm so high..
Fly.. fly.. up in the sky.
(huh? fly? lalat??)

I have reason why I put that hand towel over my head
and put on a cap.
1st the mosquitoes kept buzzing near my ear!!
it's annoying.
and 2nd it is such a hot sunny day!

Haha this is all. 
I was rewarded by the amount of rubber I collected. http://www.emocutez.com
ahaha.. money money. haha.
But.. tell ya what.. It is tiring.
But such a good exercise. haha XD

Kamu ingat sa xtahu pungut kantalan ka?? haha XD
Look at those pretty girls wearing make ups and high heels 
with their cute expressions.
Holding their touch screen phones and twirling their hair.
Who knows if they can survive doing what I did. haha XD (emo attack)

I am adorable and I collect rubber. <----- O.o?!!


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