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Think Positive!!! T^T
Written at 11:50 PM on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new phone!!!!
I know! I can't believe my dream came true.
I always wanted a touchscreen phone!!
thank you dad!!
Ahhhh i am so happy.
I can't even say a word. yes!!
you don't know how I feel now.
really happy!!
Did I gotcha? 
I wish I can say that but..bleh.
I am currently thinking positive right now..
bengang jugala sama diri sndiri cuz xdapat solve problem ni.
maybe I'm just too-overconfident. bleh..
A few days ago my dad bought a new phone.
Yah.. I know.
Sa pun memang jeles! Who wouldn't??!!
Moreover, It's a touchscreen phone.
I don't know how many phone he bought already.
ah.. sa ingat tu phone SE K800.
Ke manakah phone tersebut?? Nda ku taw. T^T
Oh.. Hp baru yg baru dibeli oleh c bapa adalah:
Samsung Champ Duos E2652w

Harga: about RM1000 lebih mentioned by my dad.

MAHAL! em.. okay jugala. 
Ada kekurangan kepada sa yang minat gambar2.
Hanya 1.3 megapixel.
Tapi of course xdapat tanding dengan Apple Iphone!
Masalahnya hp ni ada wifi tp xdpt connect dgn wifi drumah.
My dad went back to where he bought the phone and asks about it a few days after he bought the phone.
Pastu ingatkan ok dhaa.. tengok2 masih juga xdapat connect.
So, my dad made up a prize
Whoever manages to get the phone connected and able to surf the internet,
he'll be giving his not-so-good-looking Nokia 5300.
The reason why I said not-so-good-looking cuz cover bahagian
belakang ni phone sudah hangkang. Naragas sbab terjatuh. 
Nokia 5300 is actually my dream phone back then cuz when you use certain themes, the icon can be changed into cute icons!! 
Anyway, I tried to solve the problem with the wifi too but I failed. 
but then, adik lelaki sy yg mintapuji tried and tried from 6pm until 11pm and tadaaa..
Lucky him.
He gets the Nokia 5300.
So now I'm just thinking positive.
He got two phones now. Nokia 5300 and Nokia N96 (china wakakka)
Biarla tuh.. xpenting juga tu smua tuh.. hahaha kunun.
yaa biar. sa tunggu ja iphone turun harga
ada hati mw iphone, laptop pun xda. 
pigi mampusla. haha XD
Sorry for the long trivial entry.
I wouldn't blame you for not reading this at all. h0h0


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