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Random Thoughts
Written at 12:10 AM on Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe I am just...normal.. 
Warning: You may experience a lot of grammar mistakes but heck, that's just how I roll. 
I like the word 'random'.
And I like my words to be random 
and a bit poetic.
Where people say that it is hard to explain or
describe with words.
Do you know what I mean??
Anyway, when I read certain books,
as I read through the pages, I make up this poetic things in my mind.
Talking about how different each people are in this world.

I like how things are where when we reached the age 18 or above,
you can do whatever you want with your life.
You can make your own decision.
Where you want to live or where you want to go.
I sort of like it that way.
A free will.

It is different around here.
When you're 18, you still feel like you're 8.
You still live under your parents roof.
You still get money from their earnings.
Your decision are based on them.

For others hooking up are not such a big deal.
It's normal and common for teens.
Kissing 3 different guys in 1 month is 
not something to be ashamed off. 
And losing your virginity is not an OMG kind of stuff.

but here, its the other way round.
When you have a tattoo,
people will look at you,
and about 60% the word 'BAD' appears on their mind.

When I told a friend from Russia how I live my life.
She seems surprised and she said
that when they're 18 they can do whatever they want.
And she will go to Korea next year if she earns 
enough money. WTF.
A Singaporean friend said if we would meet up,
we could go to Starbucks ordered Cafe Latte
or whatever.
And I said..
 I never been to Starbucks.
for the time being.
Pity me but pity for him..
he said he never seen a paddy field in real life.
I know.
I am surprised too.
Do you see how different we are?

Each one of us are different.

Why do we compare between normal and different?
It doesn't make sense.
Normal should be compared with weird or strange.
But who am I to say how things should be?

But you know, 
this differences between us comes 
in handy sometimes.
Sometimes you get to live longer
because of the different
decision you made with others.
Sometimes you experience more.
Sometimes you are stronger
Sometimes you are left behind
because of the lack of some things

It is not a crime to be different.
You just have to work your way through it.

Kid's brain loves images and colours. 
Same goes to grown ups.
I don't blame you for not reading this


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