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Dream on..
Written at 11:08 AM on Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dream house.. thnx to Azie for posting about her dream house.
It made me want to post about my dream house too!!! hehehe
This is my dream home if I ]'m living alone or with a roommate.

okay.. first of all.. 
the kind of neighborhood I want to live in..

the kind of neighborhood I want to live in has a feeling of Paris in it.
I like the neighborhood I'm living in now but I like it more 
like this. ^_^

second.. the type of house I want to live in.
I mean the size of the house.

There's kind of a moss or vines tangling on the walls of the house.
I just love the look of it.
seems homey.
You can just sit by the window and feel the vines.

third.. inside!!!!
This is important.
I want my house to be simple, small yet cozy.

You can see the kitchen, dining room 
and living room all at the same time.
It is small yet cozy right?
Plus.. flat screen tv! hahaha XD

fourth..my bedroom!!

near the window where I can see the world in action!

fifth.. Bathroom.
I guess a home would be weird it has no bathroom right?
Even I almost forgot about it. haks..

wahh this bathroom is perfect!!!
sixth..extra room! 
hehehe an extra room where I can do
whatever I want with it..
I choose to have this..

mini library.
argh!!! I want this..

Mkay I guess that's all...
It is not wrong to post something like this.
Everyone have their own fantasy and their own dreams.
Because  one day, you grow up and became a parents..
you read back all the things you wrote back then,
well..it seems nostalgic.
And I am not afraid to admit that..
I always daydream.


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