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ok now serious
Written at 1:52 PM on Sunday, April 15, 2012



yep. that's me.
I have so many assignments.
Doing assignments are quite fun actually if you really enjoys it.
But the problem is.. I am not enjoying it. XD
But I will try. I will do.. Hopefully.
I kept telling myself to stay focus.
You don't want the same mistake to happen all over again. Karma.
I do believe in karma. It always strike back. So be careful.

I am now going to tell you a story of a friend I met online.
His name is BRAD. =)
Hello Brad!!! You're awesome. 
He is a friend from United States and is serving for the Air Force Military.
I have this assumption about people from other places
that they live a very high quality life. Better than my life.
Meaning to say, they have eaten better foods. Been into a better environment.
Own expensive luxury stuff and so on. 
But Brad is different. His story.. I thought I can only find it on movies or books.
I only knew him for a week and I can tell he is a nice guy.
We have the same age maybe he's older by 1 year? but I feel like he is much older
than I am. Like a big bro! Because his minds and thoughts are very mature. 
He experience a lot more. If you think your life is cruel, you should meet Brad.
He was abandon by his parents and his dad abused him. 
The only family he has is his friends, his grandparents and his uncle.
He had worked since he was 13 for food and so on. T^T
He now have two angels and loves them very much.
He is now in Air Force Military.
He told me stories about the military. That it wasn't like what we've seen in the movies.
It's much more horrid than you ever imagine.
He watched a guy blew up into pieces. Smelling the flesh burns..
It is horrible and scary. I can't imagine if I were in his place.
One fatal move and it could be killing hundreds millions of people.
So don't play play with the military. O_O
I really admired his courage and I wish him all the best in his field of work.
He's a good friend.... ^_^

Shoutout to Jonathan Ding
hey! your name is on my blog. haha XD