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a chance
Written at 8:22 PM on Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hey peeps.
Remember last semester, where my pointer was really awful?
Well, I hope this semester to get a better result. I hope so. I want to make it higher.
Well at least I must maintain it. 
We got our carry mark for Political Science.
Yeah I know. P.O.L.I.T.IC yep that word. If you knew me from secondary school,
you might laugh at me. Because I am not a patriotic person. HAHA 
But now, I am studying about that field. I am pleased to say I am very happy with
my Political Science carry mark. Let me show off la.. XD
I'm not always like this. So just bear with me. XD
I got 50/60. Well it's kinda good. I didn't expected to get that. 
But there are a lot of students that got nearly 60!! O_O!!
If I get 45 I'll be happy already. But 50.awhh haha XD
Totally unexpected for a lazy bum like me. 
Group assignment really helped a lot. And my mid-term was not so bad either.
I got 6 answers wrong. But it's okay.. ^_^
Now I have confidence to strive for an A! 
Fighting Val. Economics? erm.. Well get to that soon. hehe
Till' then I can't wait to go back home.
I miss my home town. T^T
But first, get ready for a battlefield with Final Exam.