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hello yea you
Written at 12:36 PM on Saturday, May 14, 2011

holla... freakin' speechless baby.

Have you ever been to a state of mind where you really want to
do something fun, creative and em.. well just some thing.
You're really pumped up but weehee..
you just don't know what is there to do.

Same for me right now.
I really want to post something. 
But my mind is blank.

Butterflies should be in my belly.
Don't know how it ended up on my mind.

Well the weather is fine, should I go out and say hello to the sky?
Should I go up to the balcony and just view the
beautiful scenery of God's creation?
Fill up my belly?
Work on something epic on my desk?
or just live up this spare moment with some zzz's?

I really wanted to stay in this web world right now
and just roam through these webs
but the real world calls, I can't.
It's not like I use the word 'lappy' all the time.
I don't even have one. Fuck.

The great ones will be
much cheaper by the time                <--- WTF??
I'm allowed to get one.
screw you.    

the truth is..I've read the darkest flower ever's blog bha..
Her words..fuh..awesomeness fills my head when I read it.
And I was like

me: "damn, why can't I come up with words like that?"
my angel side: Its okay. Everyone has their own talent dear.
my evil side: bleh talent? yea.. And the only talent you got is being über dumb. Congrats val.

After I read her entry, I just wanted to post something too.
But..like I said. Blank.

Till' then.. Live up your moments.
TTFN. ^_^


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