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random Survey again..
Written at 9:43 PM on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I got this somewhere.. 
I bet you are reading this now. hahaha
I just love stuff like this. ^_^

Nine things you wish you could say to nine different people:
1. Mama : I don't want to enter Maktab Perguruan! sorry.
2. Older sis : You make me pissed off sometimes. 
3. 1st young bro : I hate you for treating us like shits all the time. screw you!
4. Max : I wish you could change your clothing style. 
5. Azie : when are we going to have fun and go crazy again??!
6. pAPA : Plz spend some coins for the sake of us. your family.
7. Rich ppl who gets everything they want even if it cost too much:
   I personally think you should try living my life. 
   by then, you know the meaning of the hardness of finding money.
8. Some people : Sorry if I ignored your msg. you bore me.
9. YOU there..: why won't you follow me?!

Eight things about yourself:
1. I love the color red, scarlet and everything in between it.
2. I love to write.
3. Even if I'm not a religious person, I love you GOD.
4. I am a fucking Blattodephobia
5. I love gifts.
6. I'm not a 'natural' girl. I need makeup. 
7. I don't get out too much. I don't own fancy things like a LAPTOP.
8. I have scabby hairy legs and arms. I don't wear exposing clothes that much.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1. I never asked my mom before but I want a laptop. T^T
2. University!!! 
3. My future career. 
4. Need to go out with ma girls.
5. When will I have nice looking legs and arms??!!
6. being accepted by people. 
7. revamp my wardrobe.

Six things you wish you never did:
1. Relationship with many stupid guys.
2. Letting my heart being torn.
3. Begging like a fool to this one Idiotic guy.
4. being a naughty lil girl back then. (I would've got nice looking legs n arms by nw. T^T)
5. Skipp studying back then. T^T
6. enjoying life rather than studying for an enjoyable life in the future.

Five Things You Always Have With You:
1. silver Cross necklace.
2. Cellphone
3. Laptop. (just kidding)
4. a book.
5. hair band. kk..
6. hair clips! 

Four Bad Habits:
1. Bad temper?
2. Cursing
3. childish.
4. Snobbish.
p/s: I love my bad habits!! haha

Three Favorite Memories:
1. National Service!!!
2. KEM BELIA KEUSKUPAN KGAU (KBK3) fireworks!!!!
3. School memories.

Two things you want to do before you die:
(TWo things only?? WTF!)
1. Visit Korea. 
2. Get a life.

One Confession:
I love compliments. 

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