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Photoscape - Watercolor Pencil
Written at 1:46 PM on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've been naughty again...

Editing is one of my hobby so..STFU!
They software I'm using is Photoscape
It's well known and quite popular nowadays.
I bet you have it too. heee..
If you don't, get it.
It's a free software. ^_^

I played around with the Watercolor pencil.
[steps:] for noobs
1. Open Photoscape (obviously)
2. Open an Image (again..obviously)
3. Click Filter button and
4. then the Pictorialization

note: If you don't see the Watercolor Pencil in the Pictorialization,
download the latest version of photoscape youiceageman.

mine doesn't clearly show the effects cuz I put it on a low level.

now go.