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Written at 2:08 PM on Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eloww guize..

today I'm gonna be posting some rare photos of me. LOL
HAHA.. for this post gonna be mixing with Malay.

mmkay.. foto2 ni dambil during my national service.
I think that is the only time I will have a chance to do it.

enough for the question mark.
This is Me and a few friends wearing the 'Hijab'.
Did I spelled it right?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Or as we may call it here..'Tudung'

But first...

Me chingu!! all of them wearing tudung.
They look nice right? ^_^
my opinion..
Gadis Muslim memakai tudung kelihatan lebih matang and elegant.(jan prasan ko sna azie! hahaha)
Manis dipandang gitu..
walaupun I'm not a Muslim but I respect them.

I don't know if I look okay wearing tudung.
mcm bida pla sa kna nmpk.
I present you.. *drum rolls*
But I may warn you. Parents Guidance is needed. 
haha muka ku tym ni..erm susah mw ckp skit eh. haha

boleh bluff tpi laugh xleh. haha

hehehe.. thats all..
btol kn sa ckap..
my face is a bit complicated. haha
this time I was em.. a 'natural' gal. LOL.
Ini diambil ketika ..waduh lupa eh pa agenda kat surau. Maaf..
Sa bwa kwn2 sa yg lain yg christian but they don't want to go.
I was like.. why?? I think they're afraid on religious points.
yea.. Pelik skit.
Msuk surau bukan nak convert trus pun kn.
Main reason da sa pih sbnarny nak rsa and find out the situation in surau.
And I must say it is different from the Christian's. 
But it was a good difference. ^_^
The Muslim was happy when a bunch of Christian's went there to join them.
That's very nice!!! ^_^