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Weird Dream
Written at 3:54 PM on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, erm.. I've been wanting to post this story of a dream I had a few days ago and I can't seem to forget it. haha
okay2. Its well erm about Shinee.
Well, we're like in an abandoned house, and there's this woman, I think its Shinee's stylist or something.
They were doing their hairs and make up., getting ready. and I don't know what I'm doing there. LOL
After they're finished, I asked them to take photo with me.
But I got problem with my cell phone (its iphone!! LOL!!)
they had to go except Key stayed with me.
Yes. KEY. The ALmighty Key.
Key is not my fav member but he was ok. hehe
He just stay there. with me. by my side.
Then i started adjusting the phone and ready o take a photo of us two only.
and he was like standing sssooooooo close to me!!
really close.!
his head toughed my head. Thats how close we are. LOL.!
we talked and talked. share stories.
And then someone called us, so we had to go.
then when I entered the room back.
There's a big paper on the floor.
and its said..
'I love you..(some pictures or heart shape and other stuff we talked about earlier) and Please say yes."
and pooffffff...
I'm back to reality!!!!
SHIT. HOPING that I will get that dream again.
I want to get it going. haha XD